Phil Varone and Skid Row throw some shit at each other

Skid Row's ex-drummer Phil Varone has declared war on his former bandmates in response to some not very smart comments from them. Charming gentlemen...

Joey Kramer of Aerosmith almost recovered

After several gossips and denials, Aerosmith's drummer Joey Kramer is replaced by his own son during concerts but plays the encore.

Danny Carey to replace Tim Alexander in Primus

Danny Carey will be the drummer for Primus for their Tour's first leg in September while Tim "Herb" Alexander is recovering from a triple by-pass surgery.

Mr. Big’s drummer Pat Torpey diagnosed with Parkinson

After two years dealing with symtoms, Mr. Big's drummer Pat Torpey has been diagnosed with Parkinson's desease. However, he will play some suitable songs.


Todd Sucherman – Methods & Mechanics

Todd Sucherman made it being in a legendary band for years, now he shines with his own light as one of the greatest drummers and educators of today.


Gavin Harrison – Rhythmic perspectives

In "Rhythmic perspectives", Gavin Harrison discusses more advanced concepts, such as dimensional perspectives, the use of polyrhythms and displacements.

Drum Series

Tama Star Drum Series – Part 1/2

In 2013, Tama introduced its new flagship. The Tama Star Drum Series is the result of the Japanese brand's research in these last few years.

Snare Drums

Tama Star Snare Drum Series

As with the other drumkit elements from this Series, Tama Star Snare Drums give the most advanced features that Tama can offer today.


Zildjian A New Beat Hi-Hat

The Zildjian A New Beat hi-hat has remained as possibly the most utilized Hi-Hat in professional environments since many decades ago.