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Meinl Generation X Jingle Filter China Mini - DrumsCult

The Tom’s Becken Series of “synthetic” cymbals created by Meinl in collaboration with Thomas Lang includes two complete sets of China cymbals. These Chinas have some very unique features. The difference between the two ranges is that the Meinl Generation X Jingle Filter Chinas have three jingles attached around the cymbal’s center.

All these cymbals are mini-chinas, with a really nice quiet sound. The attack is very fast and they have a very short sustain. Their sound really seems “artificial” and if you try them isolated from other drumming instruments, you may find them really odd. However, in the context of a full drumset they can become phemomenal, specially the 14″ ones. These are being used by many people playing many different styles. They are made from Meinl’s special FX9 alloy, so it provides them with some specific sound properties that help to achieve that “artificial” tone.


Meinl Generation X Jingle Filter China - DrumsCult


The two most visible features are the small holes drilled around the surface of the cymbal -different diameter according to the cymbal’s size- and the wavy edge. Both things help for the decay to happen quickly, and you can notice it. Surrounding the central part we find the tribal marks that decorate Thomas Lang’s products, which make the cymbal very attractive and modern.

In the case of the Meinl Generation X Jingle Filter Chinas, the jingles are the first thing you hear and a slightly bell/gong sound. The attack is immediate and the sustain is really short, so you’re left with a soft hiss from the jingles that vibrate against the surface. Bear in mind that the volume produced isn’t very high, which may allow for more playing compared to a regular China.

Any of these China cymbals can be a good purchase to complement any set of cymbals. They can be used for fast accenting, effects and even certain kinds of ostinatos. Perhaps the most versatile is the 14″ one. The sound of the Meinl Generation X Jingle Filter Chinas is more unique due to the hiss of the jingles, but I think it’s worth to try them because they have an innovative and surprising sound.


  • Style: Rock, pop, fusión, r’n’b, reggae, estudio, world, electro
  • Timbre: Mid-bright
  • Character: Modern, experimental
  • Pitch: Low-mid
  • Volume: Medium to low
  • Sustain: Short
  • Weight: Thin
  • Finish: Traditional
  • Material: FX9
  • Lathe:
  • SKU: GX-14FCH-J – GX-12FCH-J – GX-10FCH-J


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