Danny Carey to replace Tim Alexander in Primus

Can this gentleman play the drums?

Can this gentleman play the drums?



As some of you may know, Primus’ drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander suffered a minor heart attack on July. He needed major open heart surgery -a triple by-pass- and is now recovering at the Hospital. He seems to get better every day, as some of his own recent tweets suggest:


  • August 7 – To all who carried the beat during my time of need! I’m home and getting better every day. I am truly grateful. Thank you!


  • August 14 – Found today my surgeons were playing Pimus on Pandora while doing my triple heart bypass. They had never heard it before.


  • August 15 – Medical update – I am doing better every day. Haven’t picked up sticks yet but my doc says to start hitting the pad.


Primus will release their next album Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble on October 21st, and will start touring on September 13th with a first-class replacement: Danny  Carey. His band Tool is still having a hard time with legal issues and aren’t able to release its new album, which is already written and partly recorded. Danny Carey wants to help his fellow drummer and his friends in Primus. He will sit on the drummer’s throne for the first leg of their Tour in September, until Tim Alexander is fully capable of working again. This way, they all can support him financially during this hard times.

Left: "Go Tim, go!" Recovering in the Hospital Right: Tim Alexander with his love

Left: “Go Tim, go!” Recovering in the Hospital
Right: Tim Alexander after surgery with his love


Of course, Les Claypool has his “own” way in describing the actual situation. Let’s see what he has to say:


“When Tim “Herb the Ginseng Drummer” Alexander had a minor heart attack a few weeks back we were all startled. When he went in for an angioplasty the next morning and they said he needed a triple bypass we were all shocked. Tim is the Ginseng drummer for a reason; he was always the non-meat eating, tea-totaling, mastodon of a man who could throw a football over a mountain, chuck a curveball at 89 miles per hour and could play his drums for hours on end without breaking a sweat, but unfortunately genetics and a taste for desert have a way of catching up and kicking one’s balls. The great Herbinator has undergone his surgery and has come out with flying colors, but alas, it will be weeks before he can man the Primus percussion helm so we cancelled our September shows. When the notion came up that perhaps we should try to pull off at least the two big Riot Festival shows in Denver and Chicago so that perhaps Tim could have some financial relief, we thought of one person (well two, but we figured it would be hard to get Stewart “Stew-daddy” Copeland out of his ivory tower). The mighty Tim “Herb” Alexander is a poly rhythmic Viking of extreme and unique talent so the one person that we thought could step into his shoes and do it justice is the one and only Mr. Danny Carey. Where as Herb is the stocky, Easter Island faced, boulder of a drumming human, at nearer to 7’, Danny Carey is the mighty redwood tree of percussion; towering over his kit like a golden haired noble sequoia. I can’t wait to see that menacing grin of Danny’s shine out as we pound our way through HERE COME THE BASTARDS and THOSE DAMNED BLUE COLLAR TWEEKERS. He’s a dear old friend and we are extremely excited to have him aboard and I would wager we are equally if not more intrigued than most by what kind of sounds are going to come out of the three of us once we actually get in a room together and do more than just consume fancy booze.”

–Les Claypool

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