Very good news: Dennis Chambers out of the ICU

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In the middle of his European Tour with Mike Stern and the Bill Evans Band, the great Dennis Chambers had to be rushed to the hospital in Alicante (Spain). Chambers was taken to the ICU and presumably needed a respirator as well as some “filtering” of his liver or stomach, though this has not been confirmed.



There has been little detail made public on Chambers health issues and most of them come from very few close colleagues. Dennis Chambers has always been a very private person. In recent times he lost a lost of weight which became very apparent on this last tour. The possible relation between the last events has started all kinds of rumours and gossips.

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Some have mentioned a major fall weeks ago with some internal injuries, a hit in the head and strong back pain. Chambers has always been a big man, so the doctors would have told him to lose weight, which would explain his new look. Nothing of this is clear -and probably none of anyone’s business-. But some asshole has even spread the unsubstantiated rumour of his passing and others have spoken of cancer without any reliable data. His wife Renee Chambers has decided to end all speculations with an official statement which doesn’t go into details and asks for privacy and respect. She also makes very clear that his husband is very much alive and recovering.

Through social networks, some friends have commented that Dennis Chambers has already been taken out of the ICU, awake and able to talk. His wife is with him. In DrumsCult we maintain total respect for the privacy of Dennis Chambers and his family and want to just give you the most reliable information available.

For the rest of the Tour, the Bill Evans Band and Mike Stern will have Derico Watson on drums. We wish the best for Dennis Chambers and a speedy recovery. The music needs him to work his magic for many years to come.

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5 comments on “Very good news: Dennis Chambers out of the ICU

  1. LEON says:

    i was not aware of such an sad news, Denise is and will be one of the greatest drummers of our time.
    my prayers are with him, and wish him a fast recovery. get well Dennis we need you .

  2. Cris Roberson says:

    Just read about my boy mr.Dennis I’m glad he’s better. He is part of the reason I call myself p-zilla,it’s part of the funk triade or trinity-tiki,Bigfoot braily& of course Dennis=pzilla,my stage name.thanks,feel better and keep killin’em behind ur pearl kit,p-s,I have a pearl kit

  3. A A Jordan says:

    Dennis is a marvel, the very best drummer of all times, incomparable to anyone, magic taste, out of this world timing and crazy skill,

  4. John kalland says:

    A monster of a drummer….a sweetheart of a man! I was lucky enough to sit 3 feet away from his hi-hat at Sweet Basil in NYC. I’m in awe of his ability and also of his kindness. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way Mr. Chambers!

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