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On August 13th, Aerosmith suddenly cancelled their show in Concord (California) due to “illness”. The TMZ Website specialized in rumours, gossips and all kinds of rubbish-exclusives soon published that an anonymous “source close to the band” informed them that Kramer had suffered heart issues in the past and an unnamed “member of the crew” told them that Kramedog would be undergoing heart surgery. Of course, after spreading the rumour, TMZ stated that none of this was confirmed. Hurray for journalism.


Obviously, the next step was a whole lot of gossips about many tour dates cancelled, until Joey Kramer himself intervened with a tweet on August 15, saying that

I’m feeling better than ever and I’ll be back sitting in the best seat in the house, hitting it harder than ever for our amazing fans. My gratitude and thanks for all the love and support showered on me during this time. #LetRockRule“.

In a display of coordination skills worth of the NSA, his wife Linda had the brilliant idea of typing her own tweet:

Despite whats being reported n media my husband @joeykramer is NOT undergoing emergency open heart surgery he has NOT had prior heart issues.

Then she decided that Twitter is a great tool and went on with it:

Media blowing out of proportion The truth is Yes my husband @joeykramer is in the hospital having a procedure related to his heart.


So actually, Joey Kramer did have a heart problem that has needed some kind of “procedure”. Wasn’t easier, in anticipation of rumours of cancellations that may lead to money losses, to admit that there was a minor heart issue and to explain it plainly in the first place? Right, whatever…

Aerosmith has continued with its Let Rock Rule tour with a show at The Gorge (Washington) on last August 16 with Joey Kramer’s son Jesse Sky on the drums. Jesse Kramer had played with them on several occasions as a percussionist and also recorded some drums. He performed vey well that night replacing his father.

However, the audience at the August 19 show in Denver (Colorado) were happily surprised as Joey Kramer sat on the drummer’s throne for the encore, leaving the impression that he is almost fully recovered to perform again with his legendary band Aerosmith.

Joey Kramer coming back to stage on August 19th

Joey Kramer coming back to stage on August 19th


As it seems nobody in this band is able to shut their mouths, here we have some very scientific comments by Joe Perry, who needs his ego to have a walk:

You realize you’re not an immortal, and you don’t have this 22-year-old feeling of ‘this thing can go on forever,’ and y’know, ‘I can do whatever I want, I can go for three nights without sleep and everything will be fine,'” he said. “You start to realize that it’s a very delicate thing, life is a delicate thing, and being able to perform at the top of your game is a delicate thing. And it’s one of those changes, y’know, that comes over. I’m still amazed that we can put on the kind of show that we put on. Every night could be our last.


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