Sex, drugs and… Nicko McBrain?

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According to some WebSites in Spanish and Portuguese (here, here and here), Iron Maiden’s great drummer Nicko McBrain has suffered a big damage to his public image. As you may know, in 2009 Nicko McBrain opened his Rock’n’Roll Ribs restaurant with his partners Mitch Tanne and Richard Baum. This restaurant is located in Coral Springs (Florida) and is “a combination of 30 years of Rock n Roll experience with a life-long love for barbeque”. Since its opening, this restaurant has received very good reviews and it’s been a well deserved success.



However, there has been some serious dispute between partners. On May, the restaurant’s own Website showed a very nasty text against Nicko McBrain and Mitch Tanne, where they were clearly insulted. Along with the text, there were some alleged photos of Nicko McBrain having fun with a naked woman, and another picture of a rolled €20 bill next to what seemed to be lines of coke. Besides this, there were copies of alleged documents such as a problematic health inspection and unpaid taxes, plus a link to a court verdict won against Nicko McBrain and Mitch Tanne.

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Well, all of this would be nothing more than a funny summer storm if it wasn’t a big pile of shit thrown at someone who deserves our greatest respect as a drummer and as a gentleman. We usually limit ourselves to give you the news as is, with nothing more to add. But in this case we will make an exception and offer our view, for several reasons.

First, we’ve not been able to find a single mention of this nasty business in any English-speaking media. However, there are some pieces of the offending text in some web caches, for example here. So the news do exist even it has not been aired very much.

Using some common sense, it seems odd that someone pretends to damage the image of a Rockstar by publishing some pictures (real or manipulated) of that person with a naked girl. Mötley Crüe anyone? That is simply idiotic. So yeah, we are truly impressed. Wow, we’ve never seem something that wild… By the way, that picture could be from yesterday or from ten years ago. But yes, let’s judge Nicko McBrain’s private life, why not?.

Nicko McBrain Scandal 2014 6 - DrumsCult


Then there’s the cocaine thing… That’s a good one. Let’s see, since Nicko McBrain is British (that would be British Pounds, right?) but he does actually live near to his restaurant in Florida (that would be American Dollars), it’s rather strange that he’s devoted to flour snorting with a €20 bill at his age in his restaurant. You’d be an Olympic-class idiot to relate such a picture with nobody in it with anyone, be it a rockstar or my mom.


Last, Nicko McBrain’s career -and for that matter, all of Iron Maiden’s current members- is well known. They’re all down-to-earth hard working people, honest to the bone and musically incorruptible. Not a single band can stand their pace and integrity for 35+ years on anything beyond some beer pints. Some of them are sportsmen, and everybody knows Nicko McBrain enjoys playing drums, tasting good red wine and… golf.


So, in honor of good journalism (well, truly for fun’s sake), here you have the pictures where the great Nicko McBrain seems to be taking some measurements of a young lady. We just hope they’re real and Nick had a good time. I wish I was a rockstar, dammit…


Nicko McBrain Scandal 2014 8 - DrumsCult


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