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Paiste Masters PN Mini - DrumsCult

Paiste did an excellent job creating the first cymbals of the former “Twenty Masters Collection”. Those were 12 Rides which went directly to the best sounding cymbals list from the entire catalog. Now they have expanded the range with the logical addition of some Hi-Hats and Crashes. The new models for the Paiste Master Series were designed in collaboration with the notable jazz drummers Gregory Hutchinson and André Ceccarelli, and reflect their concept of traditional sound with modern quality standard.

The Paiste Masters Dark Crashes are based in the excellent Masters Dark Ride, and are very atmospheric and dark cymbals that sound warm and smoky, with a tender clarity to its sound. They offer a soft, buttery feel with a good dynamic range. The 20″ model can also be used for airy, light ride patterns. They come in 16″, 18″ and 20″.

The Dark Hi-Hats offer the same soft, elegant closed sound. They have a good smoky wash when opened up and the chick sound stays clear and assertive. Measures are 14″ and 15″.

«With the introduction of the new models, the series is re-christened simply as Paiste Masters. Our esteemed artists are using this designation for the cymbals, which was originally dubbed the ″Twenty Masters Collection″. Who are we to argue? So be it.» concludes Erik Paiste in commenting on the name change.

Paiste Masters PN - DrumsCult

Masters are entirely made by hand from CuSn20 bronze using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.

The good work of Paiste has been rewarded with the MIPA Award for “Best Cymbal of the Year” for these new models of the Paiste Masters Series. For the 15th time, more than 100 magazines from all over the world voted to determine the best musical instruments and audio equipment of 2013/2014 in more than 40 categories of the MIPA Musikmesse International Press Award.

Source: Paiste

In this video, Paiste artist and Jazz great Gregory Hutchinson shows and plays the new Paiste Masters Series cymbals.

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