New Paiste Rude models for 2014

Paiste Rude 2014 Mini PN - DrumsCult


La renowned Paiste Rude Series was released in 1980 as a response for the need of raw sound and great volume required for the new agressive music styles such as Punk or Heavy Metal. Their powerful explosive sound remains still unique with great demand from the market. Now Paiste has joined forces with Alex Gonzalez, drummer of the successful Mexican band Maná and co-founder of the new Metal project De La Tierra. Together they have designed three new cymbals for the Paiste Rude Series.

The three new Paiste Rude models are the Basher, the Shred Bell and the Blast China.

According to Alex Gonzalez, the name Basher says it all: it’s like a Medium Crash from the 2002 Series on steroids. Powerful and explosive but controllable. They are suited to be used as a Ride in high-intensity situations and as crashes. They come in 18″ and 20″.

The Paiste Rude Shred Bell is more of a Ride/Crash, with a powerful bell, metallic sound. It is intended to play fast patterns with a controlled, energetic sound. It can be also used as a Crash cymbal with a cutting bell sound. Measures are 12″ and 14″.

Last, the Blast China is the Mini-China that was missing in the Paiste Rude Series. It is raw, cutting and offers a fast sound for Blast-Beats. It comes in 14″.


Paiste Rude 2014 PN - DrumsCult

All Paiste Rude cymbals are made form CuSn8 bronze alloy in Switzerland using traditional methods that remain unaltered in over half a century.

Here is a clip with Alex Gonzalez introducing and demonstrating the three new models from the Paiste Rude Series in all their measures.



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