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DW Vault Edge Snare - DrumsCult

Drum Workshop are in full-throttle mode. We all know they like to push their limits in terms of quality standards, though it can result in very expensive and very exclusive products. There are other brands that end up building masterpieces that deliver top-quality sounds and become benchmarks for others to imitate or compete with. There are others who also release limited and exclusive series.


But there are very few companies that can afford to embark on an adventure like this one: the DW Vault Edge Snare Drum. This snare drum has been designed and manufactured in collaboration with Sabian and has a seal of exclusivity to it. It is made from scarce and rare materials, has an special design and a manufacturing process that is unique for each one of these snares. There will be only 50 of them put to sale, so they’re born to be a collector’s piece.

The edge rings are cast in California using actual re-purposed Sabian cymbals played by Sabian artists. The rings are machined to aircraft-quality specifications and press-fit onto a wood core made from eleven plies of seven-hundred years-old birch from a lake located in Maine. According to DW and Sabian, bronze rings and this special type of birch match really well in terms of sound quality, combining the definition of the birch and the fast transmission speed of sound from the outside rim to the wooden center of the drum. The entire manufacturing process is done with extreme care and attention to detail, and each pair of rims are specific to only one wooden core.

DW Vault Edge Snare - DrumsCult

What is really interesting of these kind of exercises is that they involve much more than pure exhibitionism. Think of the DW Vault Edge snare drum as a new car from Ferrari or Lamborghini. Yes, there are very few people than can buy one of them, but they also bring new innovations that sooner or later end up becoming standards in all the industry. You put the best of your ability in those pieces. Time will tell if it was worth the effort.



This next video shows the entire process of design, selection of materials, the collaboration between DW and Sabian and all the process involved in creating the new DW Vault Edge Snare Drum:

















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